Taco Bell Testing Out New Pop Rocks Burritos

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Taco Bell is an American institution. Almost every person has had an experience with the Mexican fast food chain. Granted, not everyone's experience is a good one.

In the past, Taco Bell has given us some questionable foods. For example, the Taco Burrito, for "when you can't decide between a taco and a burrito."

They also gave us the Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza.

And the Naked Chicken Chips.

And of course, the Naked Chicken Chilupa.

And don't forget the Naked Breakfast Taco (a handheld omelette.)

So it really shouldn't be a surprise that Taco Bell has now added a popular 90s candy to one of their burritos. But what on earth will it taste like? And where will you be able to get them?

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