Teen Ballerina Won't Let Awful Bullies Stop Her From Dancing

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Teen Ballerina Won't Let Awful Bullies Stop Her From Dancing

Lizzy Howell is a 15-year-old ballerina with big dreams and an even bigger internet following!

She has been dancing for 10 years, but it was only recently that her support system grew by the thousands.It all started when a video of her went viral with over 215,000 views.

The video shows a graceful and poised Lizzy teaching a class of younger dancers how to do a spin known as a fouette.

She turns 11 times, but on a good day, she can make 32 rotations without stopping.

Part of Lizzy's fame comes from her body positive attitude. As a plus sized ballerina with a medical condition that requires regular spinal taps and medication, she is smashing stereotypes in the ballet world and society at large.

Along with the fame, comes the hate. People have have called her names, compared her spinning to the destruction of a tornado or hurricane and even wished cancer on her.

Lizzy has learned to brush off those who criticized her plus-size figure and focus on what really matters - dance.

Lizzy HowellInstagram/lizzy.dances

"Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love," she told TODAY. "If people are hating on you, they don't know you or your story, so it shouldn't bother you."

For her, dance is a personal outlet. It is how she deals with her condition as well as the tragic death of her mother when she was in preschool.

       "It's an emotional release, so if I have a good day, I go to dance, and if I have a bad day, I go to dance,"  Lizzy, who lives in the Philadelphia area.

       Lizzy tells Fox 29 that she wants to be a professional dancer on Broadway, or a forensic scientist who teaches dance classes. We think she can do anything! Don't stop dreaming, Lizzy.

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