Teen Goes All Out In His Promposal

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Teen Goes All Out In His Promposal

Asking someone to prom is a big deal, and it's not something you just do without any planning or thought. If you want to be successful you need to "Up" your game.

That's exactly what one teen did using Pixar's classic, (and heartbreaking but we don't talk about that) film Up to secure himself a beautiful date to prom.

Tyler Chipwood didn't fly his house around a globe, but he did lie in wait for his amore, waiting until she opened the garage door to start playing the beautiful intro from Up on his keyboard. He even tied off Up-inspired balloons to the instrument.

There were a lot of questions after he posted a video of his promposal to Twitter. Did she say yes? Was that her garage? How did he get in there?

He says that after some convincing she did agree to go with him to prom!

Twitter at least has fallen in love with Chipwood. His video was liked and re-tweeted thousands of times, and he's getting shout-outs from the world over.

If he does decide to go globetrotting at least he'll have places to stay.

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