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Teen Mauled By Bear After Running In Charity Race

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When living in Alaska, it's not unusual to come across wildlife. Living in a more remote area with a lot of nature surrounding it can lead to encounters with larger-than-life animals.

Unfortunately for Patrick Cooper, a 16-year-old from Anchorage, Alaska, he did not survive his animal encounter, but did manage to warn his brother it was happening.

Cooper was running in the Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb race through the Bird Ridge mountain. He was running up the mountain and had made it to the halfway point of his climb, getting ready to turn around and head back. Cooper was about 1.5 miles away from his starting point.

Bird Ridge, where the Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb takes place.Daily Mail

At 12:37pm, Patrick Cooper's brother received a text message from Patrick, letting him know a black bear was chasing after him.

Cooper's brother approached Brad Procosky, the race director, to let him know of his brother's imminent danger.

"I went off and talked to him about it, trying to get a straight story," Precosky said. "He was very shaken and had received this communication."

Immediately, a search was launched with the help of Chugach State Park rangers. The search party used the GPS coordinates on the missing runner's phone and were off on a trail through the heavily wooded area.

They found the coordinates, and what they found left them stunned.

Continue reading to find out what they found, and what happened to the bear.

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