Teen Rides Into Storm On Horseback To Help A Stranded Trucker

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Teen Rides Into Storm On Horseback To Help A Stranded Trucker

This winter was a rough one for parts of Canada, and one blizzard in particular left dozens of motorists stranded on a Manitoba highway. One trucker was left, cold and alone, for hours waiting for the snow to stop. He had no idea that a guardian angel was riding her way to him on horseback.

Eileen Grace Eagle Bears noticed webcam footage of a truck pulled-over on the side of the road before going to bed. When she woke up she checked again. Same truck, same place - no change. She knew what she had to do.

The 18-year-old suited up, got her horse and headed out to offer some relief to the snowed-in driver. She rode for over an hour in the snowy conditions, braving icy roads and freezing wind.

Eagle Bears
Eileen Grace Eagle Bears

"I knocked on the door...woke him up and asked if he was alright," she told The Huffington Post Canada. She also brought him a cup of coffee.

You might think that she already went above and beyond, but she didn't stop there. The driver was running out of food so she promised to come back with something to eat.

"I thought he would be getting pretty hungry, and that's not a good feeling, I just put on extra clothes and did what I promised I would," she said.

Her mother saw the interaction from the same webcam feed that Eagle Bears used, and shared a picture of the meeting.

The Huffington Post

The trucker ended up making it to his destination, a little warmer and a little less hungry than he would have been without the help of Eagle Bears.

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