Teen Secretly Records Video Moments Before Her Murder


Teen Secretly Records Video Moments Before Her Murder

The bodies of 2 teens from northern Indiana were discovered in a wooden area east of the city. 13 year-old Abigail Jay Williams and 14 year-old Liberty Rose Lynn German were dropped off at 1 PM on Monday to hike the Delphi Historic Trail before meeting up with family members that evening.

It was every parent's worst nightmare when the girls didn't show up to their meeting spot that evening. Police, firefighters and community volunteers scoured the trail looking for the girls that night.

Tuesday afternoon the bodies of the teens were discovered along Deer Creek, three-quarters of a mile from where they were dropped off.

Both girls were eighth-grade students at Delphi Community Middle School and had been longtime friends and classmates.

Authorities have released a haunting audio clip that was extracted from a video file found on Liberty's phone.

Sgt. David Bursten said that a man could be heard saying "down the hill" on the recording and he is hoping that someone will recognize his voice.

Delphi is a small town of only about 3,000 people, but they are unsure as to whether he was a local or if he was just passing through the area.

"There's somebody out there, somewhere," Sgt. Kim Riley said. "We don't know if it's a person who came in and left, or if it's somebody in the neighborhood."

This new audio clip gives the investigators more clues as to what may have happened that day.

"Liberty had the presence of mind to turn on the video camera," Bursten said.

Bursten said that there is chance more than one person could have been involved in the killings.

"There's nothing off the table," he told reporters.

Police have revealed an image of a suspect, who can be seen wearing blue jeans with a blue coat and a hoodie. It has not been confirmed if this is the same man in the video.

"We are asking help from the public to help identify him so he can be contacted regarding what he might have seen," Indiana state police said in a press release.

Prior to their disappearance, Liberty posted a photo on Snapchat of Abigail walking the railroad bridge in Delphi. This was the last time they were seen alive.


Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Delphi Homicide Investigation Tip Line at (844) 459-5786.