Teen Warns Others After He Almost Died Taking The 'Perfect' Selfie


Teen Warns Others After He Almost Died Taking The 'Perfect' Selfie

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Some people will do anything for the perfect picture, even, it seems, risking their life.

Over the past decade, the world has become increasingly dependent on social media and the validation that comes from others engaging with us. We post updates and statuses about anything from what we're eating for dinner to how we feel about politicians. It doesn't matter who likes our posts, just as long as someone does.

This goes double for pictures. Selfies went from not even being a word to being the most common picture on social media. With everyone taking selfies, it's only natural that some people try to come up with clever and unique ways to stand out - even if they're dangerous.

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In Novemeber, Triston Bailey of Dallas, TX was coming back from a hockey game. He and his friends decided to stop on the Margaret McDermott Bridge for the perfect selfie. The sun was setting at the perfect angle and Bailey climbed over the concrete barrier to get the shot he wanted.

"I was going over the concrete barriers and they heard me exclaim. They thought I was joking and that I was trying to mess with them that I fell," he told Fox News. "But then they said they looked over and just like the movies, I'm just laid out there on the dirt."

Bailey had fallen more than 300 feet, down to the packed earth below. He was rushed to Methodist Medical Center and was treated for bruised lungs, a collapsed lung, multiple lacerations to his spleen and a fractured pelvis.

His doctor described the fact he survived at all as "miraculous."

"This is inexplicable," said Dr. Joseph Darryl Amos. "It's amazing he didn't snap his neck. it's amazing he's not a paraplegic or he could've hit a stone in the middle of that field and fractured his skull and not been here."

Bailey is now undergoing grueling physical therapy to return to his normal mobility. He's warning others not to follow his lead.

"If I see another person on I-30 about to take a picture, I'll just stop on the side like, 'Hey, it's not a good idea,'" he said.

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