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Teen Suspended From Work After Paying For A Police Officer's Order

Paying it forward is so important. It's always a good idea to give when you can. That being said, it's also important to remember that you can't please everyone.

One teen in Texas learned this the hard way after doing what he thought was the right thing at his job.

Zachary Randolph, 18, was going about his day at a Great American Cookies location when a police officer approached the counter and ordered a brownie, worth $2.75.

Randolph offered to pay for the officer's snack out of his own wages, as a way to show his appreciation for the man's service.

"He's just a really nice guy and on top of that he has a badge," Randolph said. "That's enough for me to buy him something. That's the least I can do. A lot of people I know my age don't support police officers. I don't think it's fair."

However, within seconds, the situation escalated from a kind gesture to an accusatory argument.

There was a family in line behind the police officer, and they witnessed Randolph pay for his order. When it came to be their turn, they got aggravated that Randolph would not also pay for their order.

"They were asking if I was going to buy them a cookie. And I told them both, "No. They don't have a badge. I'm sorry."'

Tami Randolph, Zach's mom, says that's when things got messy.

"This customer started verbally attacking him, calling my son a racist, and threatened to beat him up," she claims. "His wife threatened to go back there and slap him. The middle aged man sat down his little daughter and tried to come behind the counter to attack him. Thankfully his coworker defused the situation. The man then said "I will get you fired".

Tami and Zach RandolphFacebook/Daily Mail

The next day, Zach Randolph was called in to a meeting with management. Upper management wanted Randolph fired, but his direct manager wouldn't do that. Instead, he was suspended for a week and written up.

"(The warning) says "he bought a cookie for a police officer and a customer wanted to physically fight him" it does state if this happens again he will be terminated," Mrs. Randolph says.

Great American Cookies released a statement regarding the incident, stating:

"On behalf of Great American Cookies Katy Mills, we owe the employee an apology. It was never an issue that he purchased a brownie for a police officer, but rather the events that unfolded with another customer in line at the time. However, after further review, we realize that the employee was in fact in the right and we continue to reach out to him and his mom to issue an apology. The corrective action and suspension was reversed immediately and we hope to connect with him today."

Do you think he should have been suspended for his actions? Let us know.

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