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Teen Gets Tattoo Of Late Grandmother's Voice Recording

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Sakyrah Morris

A Chicago teenager got a permanent reminder of her late grandmother's love by getting a truly unique tattoo.

After the death of her cherished grandmother, Sakyrah Morris decided keep her memory alive by getting a tattoo of her last voicemail.

The ink forms a replica of the voicemail's sound waves and thanks to an iPhone app, every word can be heard out loud.

With the help of a new technology called Skin Motion, Morris can hold her iPhone camera over her tattoo and activate the recording on her phone through image recognition, BBC's Newsbeat reports.

"I had been holding onto that voicemail for what's been almost three years now and I got the idea recently to get it tattooed," Morris says. "I figured it'd be something permanent that would be across my heart to be more meaningful."

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