Teenager Wakes Up From Surgery, Discovers She's A 'Mermaid'

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Teenager Wakes Up From Surgery, Discovers She's A 'Mermaid'

Anesthesia affects everyone differently, some people get really sleepy, some get really happy but this girl got turned into a mermaid - or so she thought.

After having surgery, this teenage girl is sitting in a bed waiting for the anesthetic to wear off and being told how long it would take. When they say "at half past five you'll be back to normal," her eyes start to well up and she asks the question that she has been dying to ask"

"So I'll have my legs back at half five...my tongue and my face?" She is dead serious and everyone in the room is trying to hold in their laughter.

Her mother is filming the hilarious moment, and the girl straight-up asks her "Mum...am I am mermaid?"

The teen doesn't believe she has legs and when they point to the legs she claims they are her "fish tail". That's not all they took from her and she is not happy about it.

"You took my lips too, what else do you want? I'm not an organ donor!"

You've got to see this video, it's too funny!