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Man Who Saved Rabbit From Wildfire In Viral Video Speaks Out After Facing Backlash

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RMG News / NBC

As emergency workers race to fight the wildfires burning in California, one small act of kindness is getting a lot of attention.

The dramatic video was all over the news last week: cameras captured an unidentified man in a red hoodie running towards the fires, before scooping up a rabbit and dashing across a highway with the animal in his arms. But whether you saw the video as a rabbit rescue or an act of stupidity depended on your point of view.

Many shared the video, saying it showed a good deed by an animal lover, while others slammed the anonymous rescuer for putting himself in danger. They argued that the man was putting himself at risk, along with emergency workers in the area.

Even celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres took sides, with the TV host sharing the video on Instagram with a message saying "To everyone who, in the chaos of these fires, is taking time to look out for animals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Now, the man in the video, 21-year-old Caleb Wadman, is telling his side of the story, and revealing what you don't see in the viral video. Wadman was driving down California's Highway 1 when he passed the Thomas fire, the largest and most intense wildfire, which is still raging right now.

Wadman spotted a rabbit running towards the flames and pulled over, but the video doesn't tell the whole story of his daring rescue.

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