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Teeniest Puppy Survives Amputation That Would Have Killed Any Other Pup

A tiny puppy was brought into Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Clearwater, Florida with a horrifying injury.

The three-week-old pitbull puppy weighed less than two pounds and had a severely broken leg. The injury was so infected that the only option was to amputate.

But vets knew that this baby was just too small to survive anesthesia.

It was a double-edged sword decision: do they risk her life under anesthesia, or do they let her die from the infection. They knew what must be done - even if she was at high risk of death.

But to everyone's amazement, little Leena pulled through with flying colors! One week after surgery, she was already up and walking on three legs!

Staff named the little pit bull Leena, because she leans a little - how cute is that?

Kourtney Glaser was the anesthesiologist in charge of Leena's care. She tells ABC that the little puppy stole her heart. "All the stress she caused me caused me to fall in love with her,” Glaser said. “She’s the one who wanted to live. She chose to make it through.”

Not only did vets spare little Leena's life, but  she found her forever home with Glaser. Watch the video of this lucky little pup below!

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[h/t IheartDogs]