Tessa And Scott Say They're "Just Friends," But The Evidence Begs To Differ

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Tessa And Scott Say They're "Just Friends," But The Evidence Begs To Differ

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have instantly become international Olympic icons, both due to their figure skating ability and their intense romantic tension (despite saying they're only friends). The couple has been skating together for 20 years, and came out of retirement for these Olympics. While they set world records for their short program, and became the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history, the only thing people can talk about is whether or not they're dating.

Now let's point something out immediately: the talents of Tessa and Scott should not be overshadowed by their clear sexual tension. The skating is what they should be remembered for...but also, they need to get married.


When you hear the way they talk about each other, it's clear that this is more than just a friendship.

"Sometimes I might not always have the power to do it for myself, but I will always do it for Tess," Scott said in an interview. "After 20 years, if you don't have love for each other...do you know what we've been through together?"

So if you're like me, and are unhealthily obsessed with the Canadian ice dancers who have made the world believe in love again, buckle up and get ready for some HARD EVIDENCE that these two are dating.

Scott's Sleeping Slip-Up

During a version of the Newlywed Game, one of the questions was "who is most likely to sleep in and miss practice?" Tessa quickly answers that it's herself, but Scott chimes in otherwise.


Tessa's look says it all.

Scott's Skating Slip-Up

Scott needs to take some lessons on keeping a secret! After their most recent performance, he had a (probably innocent) slip-up saying they fell in love.

"We fell in love with skating again, and with each oth- and with skating with each other."

Okay, so this was probably just stumbling on his words...but don't ruin the fun!!

This Lift

I'm sorry, there's figure skating partners and then there's this.


And this:

Olympics Canada

They're Super Affectionate

They are constantly touching each other. Twitter user @OfVirtueMoir lays it out perfectly.

Mama Virtue Moir
Virts Moir
W Network
Of Virtue Moir

Does this not look like an engagement shoot?


Their Pre-Skate Ritual Is Intimate

They hug each other in complete silence to sync up their heartbeats and breathing.

"It's something we've done for several years now really just to feel our timing together, find that synchronicity and get our breathing in unison," Tessa said. "Just really to feel that connection and to emphasize the chemistry and togetherness that we hope to create on the ice."

Oh, and they talk about each other like they're married.

Their Words

Scott is the more affectionate of the two, and constantly talks about how amazing Tessa is.

"I don't think she realizes she keeps me alive," Scott confessed.

"Green. Gorgeous Green," Scott said when asked what color Tessa's eyes are.

"People search their whole lives for someone that special, and we have that, and we feel very fortunate," Tessa said of her partner.

"A lot of people knows she's a genius," Scott said. "She's very smart. But she has a great drive as well. So she has a pretty good combo, fun to work with, best business partner ever."

"The sad thing is after 20 years I still find Scott hysterical," Tessa said in the same interview.

"I would never even think about skating with somebody else. The whole reason I wanted to come back to skating was to be close to Tessa again, and to share those moments," Scott gushed.

"We decided that we would maybe watch Jeopardy every night," Tessa said of their future plans.

"One thought that did go through my head [after we won] was 'Don't hurt her.' Because I grabbed her and I was squeezing so tight-and she was squeezing tight back, but I was like 'Ok, maybe that's a little too hard,'" Scott laughed.

When Scott Called Tessa His Motivation

After Tessa's shin surgery, Scott was training by himself for two months.

"I was trying to train, trying to keep motivated. It's tricky when you don't have a pretty girl to keep you motivated every day," he said.

Tessa's Posts

Though she's more private than Scott, Tessa loves to tease fans with flirty posts. When Scott got (way too) drunk at the women's gold medal hockey game, Tessa let him off the hook!


#VirtueMoir #XX #PyeongChang2018 📸 @danielleearlphotography / @goldsk8

A post shared by Tessa Virtue (@tessavirtue17) on

Like when she joked about raising Ryan Reyolds's kids with Scott.


They Didn't Deny Dating

National Post

During a post-gold interview, Scott left everything pretty open-ended, and people went nuts.

"We love working together. We'll have to find in which way we want to do that. Relationship status is none of your business," joked Scott. "But I can say that the last two years we've been in a very committed relationship with our sport. We're the type of athletes that dive head first into the whole process and I just honestly don't know where you would find time for that. And part of the reason maybe why we wouldn't continue was to open up that side of our life maybe and see where that goes. That's pretty... as personal as I'll get, but let's see what happens."

In Conclusion

It's all speculation, it's all private, and it's none of our business, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to dream! These two, if nothing else, have a relationship that will never fall apart. Plus, imagine being the person who dates either one of them? Crazy.

Do you think these two are in love?

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