The Adorable Moments In "This is Us" Taught These Life Lessons

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The Adorable Moments In "This is Us" Taught These Life Lessons

Spoilers ahead! If you haven't been following the NBC TV series This is Us, you need to start right now. If you're a parent, hope to have kids someday, or love cute/awkward/adorable people interactions, you'll love it!

Here's some of the many life lessons the show demonstrates, along with some of the most adorable snapshots from the show.

Parenting is One of Life's Most Rewarding Experiences

Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) both gave up their dreams to become parents to triplets. Although their family life is chaotic, they always find ways to enjoy the little moments and be proud of the little people they have raised.

Family is About Relationship, Not Blood Relatives

When the third triplet dies at birth, Rebecca and Jack adopt Randall, who is the same age as Kate and Kevin. The "Big Three" grow up together, drift apart, but ultimately are always there for each other when times get rough...which is all the time. Let's face it, that's life.

Great Dads Build Relationships with Their Sons and Daughters

Jack has a delightful relationship with each one of his children. He gives special attention to Kate, who struggles with her weight and self-confidence. He isn't afraid to get silly to make her smile, showing that great dads can make a big difference in the lives of their daughters.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When a depressed Kate meets Toby, he instantly makes her laugh. It's easy to get caught up in the details and forget that a big part of dating is to have fun. Kate and Toby's relationship is proof that being humorous and loving another person despite quirks is set up for success.

Never Stop Being Creative

One of my favorite scenes from the show is when the family gets stranded at Thanksgiving due to a tire blowout. Instead of having a disappointing evening in a run-down motel, Jack dons a pilgrim's hat and pretends to be "Pilgrim Rick." The kids are delighted, and as adults, they remember it as the best Thanksgiving ever.

Reach Out to Others When You're Hurting

When Jack and Rebecca lost one of their babies, they could have drawn further apart because of their pain. Instead, they show each other support and comfort. "We will work this out together" is their attitude, and we applaud their bravery to be vulnerable with each other.

Be Yourself, Even When You're Awkward

Randall has a lot of adorable moments. He's intelligent over-achiever who always tries to profess his love in ways that are incredibly human and hilariously awkward. He misuses words, performs a terrible piano solo at his daughter's school, and can't explain to anyone what he does for a living. And we love him for it.

Family is Everything

Rebecca, Jack, Randall, Kate, and Kevin each experience failed relationships, loss, lack of self-confidence, stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and loneliness. The difference is they experience these things together, supporting each other and forgiving each other because they are family.