Tiny Fan Saves The Day After Basketball Gets Stuck Behind The Net

It will be a long time before 8-year-old Hunter Hales has to decide what college he's going to, but he's already made a good impression with the basketball coaches and scouts at Boise State.

At a game on Tuesday between Boise and Fresno State the young fan and his dad Paul had front row seats when a basketball got stuck behind the rim. No matter what the players tried - hitting it with a second ball, poking it with a broomstick - it wouldn't budge.

That's when Paul got the idea to let his son retrieve the ball, and Hunter showed everyone how it's done.

The young fan got the VIP treatment afterwards, earning himself some free merchandise and even being interviewed after the game like one of the players.

Hunter, always modest, explained that he was "kind of nervous" when the spotlight was on him and only said "thanks" when the interviewer congratulated him on his great job.

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