The Best Gadgets for Students in 2020

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The Best Gadgets for Students in 2020

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Being a student is challenging at the best of times; adding the pandemic into the mix, with closed socializing areas, altered learning opportunities, and fewer transport options, there are challenges beyond moving away from home for the first time that new students are facing.

At the moment, tech is an essential part of everyday life; this is especially true for students, who are relying on it, not only to keep in touch with friends and family who they cannot see regularly but to keep on top of their lectures which are more online than they are face to face.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the gadgets that can make student's lives a little easier this year.

Amazon Kindle

An absolute staple for book lovers is the Amazon Kindle. While we all love a paperback and nothing can truly replace them, students have so much reading to do, and these readings often come in the form of books that weigh three bricks. A kindle is one of the most energy and space-efficient means of keeping reading on them at all times, without getting weighed down. Well, at least physically.

Wi-Fi Range Extender

Dodgy Wi-Fi is nothing short of a regular person's nightmare, let alone a student's, so if they are caught short, and it will happen to be the day that their essay is due, a Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi range extenders boost the Wi-Fi signal around a whole property, so if a student wants to make the most of the sunshine while working, this will allow them to keep optimum Wi-Fi signal while getting that much needed fresh air.


From having to make notes during lectures, to using planning apps to keep on top of a busy schedule and keeping in touch with friends and family who are miles away, phones are an essential part of everyday life for a student. A rechargeable powerpack is a must for any student on the go, as soon as their lifeline is starting to get low, they can plug it in and let it charge up in their bag.

When it comes to gadgets like this, there is no doubt students would love to be sent a Currys Gift card to be able to pick out phone chargers or other electrical devices that will suit them best. After all – they are always updating their phones; it's hard to keep up!

External Hard Drive

If there is anything most of us need, it is more space. When it comes to computers, the more space, the better! This is especially true for students who have to produce a plentiful amount of work and keep backups, and backup of backups just in case. An external hard drive is an excellent way for them to do this as if anything goes wrong with their laptop, everything is saved to separate source, and all of the files will not slow down their computer either!

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