The Best Music in CS:GO — Awolnation I Am

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The Best Music in CS:GO — Awolnation I Am

Video games are unimaginable without music, and some CS:GO soundtracks are true works of art. In this virtual universe, audio tracks can even impact players’ performance. AWOLNATION, I Am is a timeless collection. Here are the key things to know about it in 2022.


The CS:GO marketplace offers a rich variety of music kits (60 in total), but not all of them will suit your character. What makes AWOLNATION I Am stand out is the ear-catching experience it delivers. This kit is an eclectic fusion of original and classic themes.

History of the Kit

This selection of game music first appeared in 2015 as part of the Most Valuable Kits update. It was created by Red Bull Records, an indie label supported by the energy drink brand.

AWOLNATION, I Am is one of the most coveted possessions for true fans of the game. Based on the price and daily sales volume, it has a popularity of 90%. The kit is not part of any collections, and you cannot obtain it from containers.

What is Included

“I Am” is a popular track by AWOLNATION, which was also originally released on Red Bull Records. This selection is ideal for fans of this rock band. It is packed with memorable tunes including cuts from cult classics, like their multi-platinum hit “Sail”.

This set will replace all soundtracks in the game: Main Menu, Round Start and End, Map Objective, Ten Second Warning, and Death Camera. You can also share it with other players. When you are MVP in a match, the MVP anthem will play for all participants. The StatTrak edition will track with MVP stats.

Like other kits, this superb collection will also help you perfect your timing on defuses. The music will indicate whether you should stick the defuse. If you are late, the music will tell you to run (quite literally).

Availability and Prices

The AWOLNATION kit is a relatively common drop item with High Grade rarity. Your chances of securing it are 79.92%. Buyers can also obtain the collection at any time on Steam and third-party sites. It is also relatively affordable — the current price on DMarket is $3.32. This is the best price globally according to Steam Analyst.

Community Sentiment

As of now, the item has over 6,600 votes on CSGOSKINS.GG, with an average rating of 4.9. It has been purchased by such professional players as kennyS, AdreN, and Hiko.

Where to Buy the Kit

The official Valve marketplace does not always feature the best prices. It is also a closed-loop system without withdrawals. Any profit from trading may only be spent on skins or games. If you want to monetize in-game assets or snatch the best bargains on coveted items, explore platforms like DMarket.

This virtual marketplace was launched in 2017. It is one of the leading blockchain-based markets according to the latest Newzoo report. DMarket offers over 1 million skins, secure transactions, 20+ payment methods (from Visa to Bitcoin), a sleek mobile app, and other benefits. Users can deposit items to the platform or trade them directly via Face2Face trading. Purchases are convenient and safe.

Other Popular Kits

Music tastes differ. If AWOLNATION, I Am is not ideal for your character, consider other strong contenders:

1. Hotline Miami by Various Artists

This kit preceded AWOLNATION, I Am in 2015, and it is still one of the hottest choices. The tracks are based on the eponymous video game. In CS:GO, this collection has received even more acclaim. It was created by different artists, including musicians who contributed to the original soundtrack.

Hotline Miami is available on DMarket for as little as $3.20. This is the best price on the global market, according to Steam Analyst. On Steam, the lowest price as of now is $4.56.

2. High Noon by Feed Me

This kit first appeared in 2014. It includes a superior selection of chill beats you can groove to with a focus on electronic sound. This is hardly surprising considering that High Noon was created by British DJ Jonathan Gooch (Feed Me is his stage name). The prices on Steam start from $3.40. On DMarket, you can buy the kit for just $2.32. This is the best price worldwide, according to Steam Analyst.

3. The Talos Principle by Damjan Mravunac

Another kit from 2015, The Talos Principle creates a deeply dramatic and cinematic atmosphere. The MVP announcement transports you off the map. The Talos Principle will make you feel like a victorious military hero and inspire you to achieve more.

The best price for the kit is currently found on DMarket. According to Steam Analyst, $3.43 is the most attractive offer globally. Listings on Steam begin from $4.65.

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