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The Color Of Your Doctor's Scrubs Determines The Success Of Your Surgery

Not all scrubs are created equal and one doctor discovered that the color of a gown can mean the difference between a successful surgery and a failure.

Before 1914, all medical staff wore white clothing, until one doctor switched to green. According to Today's Surgical Nurse, the doctor rightly guessed that wearing blue or green (opposite red on the color wheel) scrubs would be easier on a surgeon's eyes, helping them to see better in an operating room.

The thought was that white caused too much glare, and that the blue/green gowns would refresh the doctor's vision of red things.

Science Line explains that, according to psychologist John Werner, after a while of staring at the red and pink flesh, the human brain becomes desensitized to color nuances. So, looking at something green from time to time helps to keep the surgeon's brain sensitive to variations in red.

Did you know this fact about surgical gowns? Well, Now you know! Impress your friends, pass it on!

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