The doctors refused to treat their son, now they need a court to save his life - the verdict is in

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The doctors refused to treat their son, now they need a court to save his life - the verdict is in

As Charlie Gard fights for his life, his parents are fighting a different war, and they just lost a major battle.

A court in the UK has ruled that doctors can turn off the life support of Charlie Gard, a newborn just a few months old, against his parents' wishes.

Charlie has a rare condition called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, he's 1 of only 16 people to ever suffer from the disease.

Charlie and Parents
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The syndrome basically causes cells to malfunction, stopping the flow of energy. In Charlie's case it's led to the death of his brain, kidney and muscle cells.

There's no cure, and in the other cases the syndrome has caused death in infancy or in early childhood. Still, some treatment options exist with early results showing a promising reversal in some symptoms.

It's a chance Chris Gard and Connie Yates, Charlie's parents,  are desperate to take.

"He deserves this chance," begged Chris in a packed courtroom, but the judge wouldn't, or couldn't, listen.

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Citing the "heaviest of hearts" the judge delivered his emotional ruling. He sided with the doctors of Great Ormond Street who petitioned the court to withdraw life support, allowing Charlie a natural death.

Chris and Connie have raised over £1 million to treat Charlie in America, but experts testified that even with the proposed treatment, Charlie's brain death is permanent.

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Clutching his son's stuffed monkey, Chris sobbed openly in court after the judge read his decision.

The couple has said they plan to appeal the ruling, and seem willing to take the fight through the courts to give their son a chance at life.

As long as the matter is before the courts Charlie will remain on life support, fighting his own battle.

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