The Island Where Cats Outnumber People

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The Island Where Cats Outnumber People

There's a new travel destination in Japan for cat lovers. Aoshima island, which is just a mile long and home to only 15 people, has become a tourist  hot spot thanks to the dozens of cats who call the island home.

When local businesses closed down, people moved away from Aoshima in the 2000s. Cats moved into the abandoned buildings and now there are more than 100 roaming the village.

The cats are all safe because there are no cars or even bicycles on the island, and the townspeople look after them like their own pets.

If you want to visit the town there's a ferry that makes a trip to the island every day, but unless you want to bunk with some stray cats it will be a short trip.

There's no hotel or restaurants for visitors to use on the island, which is just the way the elderly people who live there like it.

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