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Even The Judge Is Shocked By This Woman's Ridiculous Parking Ticket [Video]

Yes, the law is the law, but this case from Providence, Rhode Island is just strange.

The woman arguing her case explains that she got a parking ticket for being in a zone that had no parking from 8-10. She obeyed the sign but still got a ticket!

As it turns out, the parking officer who gave her the ticket may have been a little too strict. See for yourself and decide if you would have made her pay the ticket.

It's almost impossible to beat a parking ticket, but in a situation this ridiculous there's no choice but to give her a break. At least the judge got a good laugh out of it, it's just too bad this lady had to come all the way down to the courthouse over two measly seconds!

As the judge says, Providence's parking officers are "second to none!"

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