The Kennedy Curse Runs Even Deeper Than You Know

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The United States of America has never had a monarchy. Once the Declaration of Independence was delivered to King George, the U.S. decided that no royal family would ever represent them, ever again. And that has remained the status quo ever since, well, unless of course you include the Kennedy family. Though, they are not actual royalty, they have long been considered America's unofficial "royal" family.


There has always been a mystique surrounding them, as people clamored to soak up every aspect of the lives of this American family. When JFK was the president, people everywhere loved him, flocking to every event he was speaking at, and hanging off of his every word. And when he was publicly assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, the country mourned as one.


As popular as the Kennedys are with the American people, they have tried to stay out of the headlines these last couple of decades. It seems that every time we hear about a Kennedy family member in the media, it is because another tragedy has befallen a member of their bloodline.

Four members of their family have died tragically before their time, and others have gone through awful experiences. There are also a lot of secrets in the Kennedy family closet, questions that that have gone unanswered (and sometimes unasked) for several decades.

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