Around The World In 80 Rom-Com Moments


Around The World In 80 Rom-Com Moments

If you've never enjoyed a romantic comedy, you're either heartless or lying.

Yes, they're cheesy. Yes, they're cliche. And yes, they're unrealistic.

But who can deny how filled with joy rom-coms make you feel? It gives you false hope for your future life! Plus, meet-cutes can happen literally anywhere.

We already brought you the best cat cafes around the world, and now, Character Cottages has mapped out the 80 most romantic moments in film. And it's amazing. The map also counts just how many cute moments happened in each spot around the world. That way, you can plan accordingly and figure out where your next vacation should be.

You can also check out the interactive version here.

As you can see, New York and Los Angeles are your best bets for a meet-cute, while Verona, Tokyo, and Minneapolis aren't a great option.

This could be a great travel idea, too. If, you know, you win the lottery or something. But it could also be a cute way to plan out your next chick-flick night!

What's YOUR favorite romantic comedy/rom-com moment? Let us know!

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