The New Trailer For IT Is Out - Turn On All The Lights


The New Trailer For IT Is Out - Turn On All The Lights

It's been 30 years since Stephen King made a whole generation of Americans afraid of clowns, but the new trailer for the IT remake is going to take your fear and turn it into a full-blown phobia.

When an adaptation of King's beloved book was announced some readers were skeptical. That skepticism grew when rumors of creative differences began emerging from set. The initial director hired to bring the project to life, Cary Fukunaga, walked away from the project.

Those fears abated somewhat when it was announced Andres Muchietti would take his place. The Argentinian won over horror fans with his terrifying feature Mama.

Still people wondered how a 1000 page novel about a town haunted by an ancient evil would play on a movie screen.

Now we have our answer. Warning: don't watch with the lights off.

King's simply titled horror masterpiece shocked readers around the world, and lives on as one of the best-selling novels of all-time. Despite the success there's only been one attempt to take it off the page and bring it to a screen.

In 1990 a made-for-TV miniseries turned the tale of the killer clown into a prime-time event. Tim Curry, John Ritter, Harry Anderson starred and the series became a cult classic.

Something tells me the movie is going to have a different feel.

If you loved the first one get some nostalgic chills with the original trailer:

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