The Owner Of "Britain's Ugliest Dog" Is Raising Money For Plastic Surgery

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The Owner Of "Britain's Ugliest Dog" Is Raising Money For Plastic Surgery

Kate Comfort has the perfect name, because that's what she's best at - comforting. At her day job Kate comforts people as a support worker for patients with dementia. At home, she supports the four rescue dogs she cares for.

While all dogs are special in their own way, one of Kate's pets definitely stands out. Bonnie, a collie mix, was rescued from Romania when she was just a puppy. Found near some railroad tracks, vets guess that the poor thing was hit by a train when she was young.

Growing up with no tail, a missing front leg and no nose hasn't been easy, but Bonnie is safe and loved. Now, Kate is hoping to make her life better once again with some plastic surgery.


From the moment she met Bonnie, Kate says people didn't want to give the poor dog a chance.

"People were saying put her down, it'll be kinder," she told Southwest News Service.  "It's really upsetting. If only they could see her now and see how happy she is."

While Bonnie can do pretty much everything an average dog can, her missing leg gives her pain. Getting a new prosthetic leg is the biggest goal of Kate's online fundraiser, but she hopes to pay for a plastic nose as well.

Southwest News Service

In the past, people have made rude comments about Bonnie's appearance. Strangers have even called her ugly to her face.

"I don't care about how she looks and neither does my husband, Ross," Kate says, "but raising this money will really benefit her."

Kate hopes to raise £12,000 over the next two months, and donations have already passed £2,000. Hopefully with her surgery, people will start judging Bonnie for what's inside and not how she looks.

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