Pioneer Woman Reveals The Hilarious Reason Why She'll Never Do 'DWTS'

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Pioneer Woman Reveals The Hilarious Reason Why She'll Never Do 'Dancing With The Stars'

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What started out as a blog to keep in touch with her family, turned into a multi-million dollar business that now includes a Food Network show, several cookbooks, a magazine, a home and kitchen line, a restaurant, and a hotel.

Ree Drummond, best known as the Pioneer Woman, also recently released a line of frozen meals as well as a collection of Instant Pots and slow cookers. In fact, she the savvy mother of four is so inspiring that Mattel even created a Barbie doll and kitchen play set based on her.

There's almost nothing Drummond can't do, but there is definitely one thing she absolutely will not get involved with.

This week on Twitter, the celebrity chef revealed that she had a vivid dream that she was on Dancing with the Stars, but things did not go well for her.

"I dreamed I was on Dancing With the Stars and I kept wanting to sew sleeves on the sleeveless dresses they wanted me to wear, only I didn't know how to use a sewing machine. Good morning!"  she wrote.

Drummond's fans were quick to suggest that she should be participate in the hit ABC show.

"OMGoodness! You would be the PERFECT candidate for the show!! I nominate YOU!! It would be my favorite season EVER!! I hope someone on the network sees your tweet! LOL! Dreams do come true!" read one of the tweets.

"Watch it all the time I would love to see you on dancing with the stars [SIC]," wrote one user.

However, Drummond, who never fails to keep it real with her followers, nipped the excitement in the bud when she sent out a second, funny tweet, explaining that she has no desire to appear on the show.

"Oh man, I love you guys but Dancing With the Stars is not in the cards for me, as I'm afraid there is no such thing as a multicolored floral ballroom gown with relaxed 3/4 sleeves and a non-fitted waist," she wrote. "Also pretty sure jeans aren't allowed. Thank you for your cooperation."

Those who are familiar with Drummond know that jeans and floral patterns are Drummond's signature look, and she often incorporates them in so many of the Pioneer Woman products.

She previously revealed that she even got Mattel to changer her Barbie's look to include a floral top and jeans.

If DWTS does decide to host a Food Network edition or let Drummond design her own floral ballgowns with sleeves, we'll still have a long wait ahead of us. The show won't be returning this spring, instead it will air its 28th season in the fall.

Would you like to see Drummond on DWTS?

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