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The Queen's Favorite Song Was Revealed, And It's Perfect

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There's a lot we know about Queen Elizabeth II. Being a public figure means your life is always on display.

For example, we know that her favorite nail polish color is powder-pink from Essie, a common drug-store brand. We also know that her favorite tea-time snack is drop scones, and you can make them yourself pretty easily.

Some other things we know about the Queen are:

But now, BBC DJ Chris Evans claims he has the answer to a simple, yet extremely interesting question: what is the Queen's favorite song?

Evans says he was a guest an exclusive Windsor Castle banquet, a posh dinner held every year. There were speeches, a full dinner, and then a dance party where a DJ played "proper disco music."

But one song got the Queen of England up and moving faster than you can say "jam on a crumpet."

Continue reading to find out what the Queen's favorite song is!

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