The Queen's Favorite Song Was Revealed, And It's Perfect

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The Queen's Favorite Song Was Revealed, And It's Perfect

There's a lot we know about Queen Elizabeth II. Being a public figure means your life is always on display.

For example, we know that her favorite nail polish color is powder-pink from Essie, a common drug-store brand. We also know that her favorite tea-time snack is drop scones, and you can make them yourself pretty easily.

Some other things we know about the Queen are:

But now, BBC DJ Chris Evans claims he has the answer to a simple, yet extremely interesting question: what is the Queen's favorite song?

Evans says he was a guest an exclusive Windsor Castle banquet, a posh dinner held every year. There were speeches, a full dinner, and then a dance party where a DJ played "proper disco music."

But one song got the Queen of England up and moving faster than you can say "jam on a crumpet."

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When the DJ hit play, all the guests were taken aback as Queen Elizabeth II got up and started dancing to none other than, you guess it, Dancing Queen.

According to Evans, Her Majesty told guests "I always try to dance when this song comes on, because I am the Queen, and I like to dance."

How utterly perfect is that? Just picture the Queen of England dancing to some ABBA. I promise your day will get 100 times better.

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