The Rising Popularity Of Gaming Careers

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The Rising Popularity Of Gaming Careers

Worldwide, video games are now one of the biggest industries to exist. With that, the number of careers that involve the industry has grown exponentially and become incredibly popular. You can get involved in the creation of games, the marketing and selling of them, and the development of hardware for gaming or playing them. However you want to get involved in the gaming industry, there are roles that can make that a reality. Here are some of the jobs in different sectors that relate to the gaming industry.

Gaming for a living

This is the holy grail of video game careers, and there are now more ways than ever to do it. You could be a video game tester - this is an important part of game development, though it is mostly about quality assurance and ensuring everything functions as it is supposed to. For a more thrilling career, you could be a professional gamer or enter the world of streaming/gaming video creation.

The internet has given rise to gaming tournaments where you can compete in a high-profile environment to win prizes and earn money. Many esports are now big business, with certain players becoming stars in their own right, through playing some of the biggest esports games, such as Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends. The internet has also brought about the worlds of YouTube and streaming platforms like Twitch, which provide opportunities for content creators and streamers to amass huge audiences who watch them play games for entertainment, and this has become a lucrative career for a lucky few.

Games designer

If you are the imaginative type, brimming with ideas, you could become a games designer. This involves coming up with the concepts behind video games, developing storylines, characters and key gameplay mechanics before working with developers to make them come to life. This is an ever-evolving art form, so you would need formal training in Games Art and Design to make it a reality. This would involve an understanding of the technical side of game development, but it is a popular role because it lets you be creative and come up with the next big game idea. Whether you aspire to work with NetEnt and PlayTech to create the next popular slot title for online casinos like to provide to gamers, or design a whole new world for gaming consoles with Square Enix or Rockstar Games, there really is no limit in game designing!

Software development & game programming

Did you know that people in software development and game programming take the game designers' ideas and make them into high-quality games? It is a technical role that involves the application of programming languages and the development and implementation of engines. The technology for this is always evolving, and you will need advanced training in programming to develop the necessary skill set for the career. There are lots of training courses out there for this, but it will help to have a good mathematical brain and be very computer literate to be successful.

Audio engineer

Ever thought about how the sounds you hear in games come about? Audio engineers use computers, electrical sound equipment and recordings of real-life sound to create things like sound effects, ambient noises, music and voice-overs for video games. As speakers and headphone technology have evolved, sound has become an increasingly integral part of the gaming experience, so the work of audio engineers is extremely important for game development. If you have a love of audio, music and gaming, then a career as an audio engineer in the gaming industry could be just right for you.

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