The Secret Way To Trick Your Brain Out Of Cravings

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The Secret Way To Trick Your Brain Out Of Cravings

If you're tempted, it can seem like an impossible struggle to will yourself out of whatever it is that you want.

Whether it's that slice of chocolate cake, that fourth drink or that cigarette, you can trick yourself out of your cravings with this easy tried and true process.

All it takes is 15 minutes of patience and soon you'll be the boss in control of your every desire.

According to relapse specialist Alan Marlatt, our cravings come in waves that build to a peak and then slowly break up. It takes about 15 minutes for a craving to dissolve after a peak, so if we can learn to 'ride the wave' of our cravings, we can gain control over them.

Even the most intense cravings will dissipate after 15 minutes - so tell yourself to wait. If you can delay the satisfaction for 15 minutes, more often than not, you'll find you don't REALLY want that extra piece of cake.

Although it isn't that simple when it comes to quitting cigarettes and alcohol, being more mindful of our cravings is a good first step to mastering self-control!

Can you hold out for 15 minutes? Let us know in the comments below!