The Shelter Wouldn't Take His Dog, Then He Tried To Do This

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The Shelter Wouldn't Take His Dog, Then He Tried To Do This

A Jack Russell Terrier cross, named Ella, is happy to have a new home after she was dumped at a shelter at 3 months old.

Ella was bought as a gift by a young woman for her then-boyfriend. She was happy to have a home, but when the couple suddenly broke up, no one was willing to take responsibility for the dog.

The boyfriend brought Ella to The Mayhew, a local animal shelter. But after speaking to the adoption agents, it was determined there wasn't enough room because so many people bought puppies as presents for Christmas and gave them up.

Instead of trying to find another shelter, Ella's owner took her outside and tried pawing the poor puppy off on people as they walked by on the street. When the shelter saw what the man was trying to do, they couldn't just let Ella leave their care. They took the puppy in, despite not having the space.

Zoe Edwards, head of animal welfare at The Mayhew, spoke out about the situation.

"It is completely irresponsible to sell a puppy outside on the streets, but unfortunately we see this kind of situation all too often. Sadly there are lots of unwanted animals in rescue centers like ours that have come in from people who have bought pets on a whim without taking into consideration the responsibilities and needs of looking after them. When getting a new pet you should always consider whether you will be able to look after them correctly. Unfortunately, irresponsible breeders won't be thinking or asking whether the buyer is able to care and provide for the animal for the rest of its life, both financially and physically."

The puppy was renamed Pippa, and she found a new home almost immediately!

Her new owner, Trina Harris, says Pippa is just the most wonderful dog around.

"She is a fun, loving, excited and playful puppy. She has settled into her new home very well. She just loves to jump onto your lap for a cuddle and if she is really happy will roll onto her back for you to tickle her tummy. It is hard work having a new puppy family member, but very rewarding and a lovely way to start 2017. Thank you to The Mayhew for allowing us to adopt her. She's the perfect pet for our family home."

Pippa's story is a reminder to everyone that buying a dog as a gift is not something to do lightly! Make sure there is a backup plan in place, just in case things go awry.

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