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The Truth Behind Prince's Death Revealed

Prince's death in 2016 was a truly heartbreaking moment for many of his fans. It was a surprise that seemed to come out of no where and left us all wondering what actually happened. Well, the autopsy report has been made public and we now know what actually happened to the iconic singer.

According to the search warrant issued on April 21, 2016, investigators discovered hyrdrocodone-acetaminophen pills labeled as "Watson 853". Witness told the investigators that Prince "recently had a history of going through withdrawals which are believed to be the result of abuse of prescription medication."

Prince's death was ruled as an accidental overdose of the opiate fentanyl by the medical examiners. Sources told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the pills sized in the home were labelled as hydrocodone but were actually fentanyl.

As of right now, no charges have been laid. The investigation does name Prince's estate manager and friend Kirk Johnson in the report as some of the pill bottles were in his name, who has said that Prince had been struggling with opiate use for a while.

Sad to see such a talented human suffer with addiction.