The Unsung Hero Of The London Terror Attacks Being Deemed "Angel of London Bridge"

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The Unsung Hero Of The London Terror Attacks Being Deemed "Angel of London Bridge"

On June 3, London fell victim to two terrorist attacks within minutes of each other.

A van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge, and then several men started stabbing passersby. The attacks claimed 7 lives and injured dozens more.

But while we all want to focus on the bad in these situations, it is important to remember there are still good people in the world.

For example, one woman is being hailed a hero after her selfless act of bravery potentially saved upwards of 20 lives.


Cab driver Aksha Patel recalls the moment vividly and recounted it to Sky News. According to him, the woman used her body to barricade the door shut so people inside the restaurant could escape out the back door.

"She knew they were bad people trying to break in," he said. "She managed to hold the door for a few seconds but then I think they overpowered her."

"People managed to escape through the rear door so she saved maybe 20 peoples lives," he said.

Cab driver Aksha Patel recounts the story of the "Angel of London Bridge"Independent

This woman, who has yet to be identified, luckily survived the attack. She was one of Patel's cab customers after escaping, which is how he knew about her story. She is being called the "Angel of London Bridge."

She is added to a list of heroes from that night, including Gerard Vowels, a man who says he fought off the attackers with pint glasses and bar stools.


"I saw these three Muslim guys come up with knives, they ran up and started stabbing this girl under the train bridge. They attacked her and then they stabbed another guy," Vowels said. "I was shouting "˜run, run, run' and throwing bottles at them, pint glasses, stools, chairs. I tried to help as many people as I could but I was defenseless. If I had fallen over they probably would have killed me."

One cab driver also tried to stop the attackers with his vehicle, reportedly warning his customer in advance that it would be happening.

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"[I said I was] going to ram him," says the cabbie, only identified as Chris. "I spun the cab round, I was about to ram one of them, but he side-stepped and three police officers came running towards them with their batons drawn, they didn't know what was happening. There was a guy with a really long blade randomly stabbing people. I told people to turn around and run away."

While it can be easy to focus on the bad and the horror, it's also important to remember that unifying for the greater good is what matters. These people all risked their lives for strangers, and for that we are thankful.

Our prayers are with you, London.

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