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When You Were Born Determines Your Spirit Animal, And It Reveals A Lot About Who You Are

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Animal Spirit

While many people know about guardian angels, many don't know that we're all born with a spirit animal that imparts a special message about the important lessons we'll have to learn throughout our lives.

Depending on which week in the month you were born, you will have a special set of lessons to learn as you grow in this life.

First Week: 1-7

If you were born in the first week of the month, your spirit animal is the mighty Bear.

People with the bear spirit animal tend to go through waves of high and low energy. You may find that you prefer to spend the winter months hibernating, while in the summer, you're out and about as much as possible.

The lessons associated with a Bear Spirit Guide include:

  • Develop your strength and confidence
  • Learn to take action and leardership in the stand against adversity
  • Your journey is one of healing and using your healing abilities to help yourself and others
  • Learning how to ground yourself in high-stress situations

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