When You Were Born Determines Your Spirit Animal, And It Reveals A Lot About Who You Are

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When You Were Born Determines Your Spirit Animal, And It Reveals A Lot About Who You Are

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While many people know about guardian angels, many don't know that we're all born with a spirit animal that imparts a special message about the important lessons we'll have to learn throughout our lives.

Depending on which week in the month you were born, you will have a special set of lessons to learn as you grow in this life.

First Week: 1-7

If you were born in the first week of the month, your spirit animal is the mighty bear.

People with the bear spirit animal tend to go through waves of high and low energy.

You may find that you prefer to spend the winter months hibernating, while in the summer, you're out and about as much as possible.

The lessons associated with a Bear Spirit Guide include:

  • Develop your strength and confidence
  • Learn to take action and leardership in the stand against adversity
  • Your journey is one of healing and using your healing abilities to help yourself and others
  • Learning how to ground yourself in high-stress situations

While we all have many lessons to learn, you might notice that there are lessons that seem to repeat themselves through the span of your life.

This continuous loop of the same lesson helps us to strengthen the skills we came into this life to learn and develop.

Mull over which lesson is more important to you.

Keep in mind, the spirit of the bear is most powerful during times of difficulty. It will give you courage to take a stand when you feel afraid.

None of the other weeks can channel their spirit as well as you can, so make sure you take advantage of the spirit of the bear and use it to your advantage to better yourself and the world.

Second Week: 8-14

If you were born in the second week of the month, your spirit animal is the graceful horse.

People with the horse spirit animal have a strong personal drive, show passion in the things they do, and have an appetite for life.

You have a strong motivation that carries you throughout your life and will serve you well when projects stall or plans backfire.

The lessons associated with a Horse Spirit Guide include:

  • Learn to balance between instinct and logic
  • Understand how to gracefully move through difficult situations
  • Master your strong emotions, and passionate desires

Despite the fact that horses are domesticated animals, they are symbols of expression.

You have a knack for communicating with people and getting them to like you. That being said, make sure you take advantage of the skill and not the people!

You are especially talented in harnessing the energies around you. Surround yourself with people that elevate you and keep your positive spirit alive.

Third Week: 15-21

If you were born in the third week of the month, your spirit animal is the soaring hawk.

Those with a hawk as their spirit animal have keen vision and intuition. You prefer to step back and take a look at the big picture before you can zero-in on the truth.

These birds were once believed to be the messenger of angels and other divine spirits, making hawks an animal you can trust.

The lessons associated with a Hawk Spirit Guide include:

  • Learn to strengthen your connection to spirit world
  • Sharpen your focus and define your vision
  • Develop a sharper sense of timing - trust your instincts.

You can feel the spirit of a hawk taking hold in your life when you have a strong gut feeling about something.

Be careful you never dismiss that feeling or else you might be missing out on an incredible opportunity.

When a door opens for you and you have no idea why it has, take some time and think about the positives and negatives of this new experience.

And always beware of your surroundings, it won't be too hard since that's something you've always been good at.

Fourth Week: 22-30

If you were born in the fourth week of the month, your spirit animal is the intuitive deer.

People who have deer as their spirit animal are highly sensitive and effortlessly intuitive. You have the ability to deal with challenges gracefully and you take everything in stride.

Always vigilant, you move quickly and trust your instincts to guide you out of tricky situations.

The lessons associated with a Deer Spirit Guide include:

  • Learn to draw strength from your gentleness
  • Connect with your inner child and develop compassion for yourself
  • Practice taking time to regenerate and heal after stressful situations
  • Develop your listening and observation skills

Deers are also symbols of protection and harmony. Because of this, people may see you as a threat and try to disrupt the peace.

Just because you're kind it doesn't mean that you don't think about yourself. You know that the only way to love other people is to first love yourself.

Make sure you're the change you want to see in the world because other people are counting on you.

They need the gentle nature of a deer to help inspire them and give them the confidence to see life in a different and more positive perspective.

What's your spirit animal?

Do you know what day you were born on? That specific day can reveal a lot about the kind of person you are.