The world of celebrities who enjoy gambling

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The world of celebrities who enjoy gambling

Poker, bingo, slots and other gambling games have risen to incredible popularity in recent years.

With the continual improvement of mobile apps and mobile internet - anywhere you go, your games can go too!

It’s not uncommon for people to unwind after a long day by playing on their PC, either.

Amongst the most popular games are blackjack, poker, slot machine games and bingo. They don’t take long and can bring in regular winnings.

These games aren’t just popular with the everyday people though, some of the most well-known celebrities!

Celebrities that enjoy gambling

Celebrities work hard and play harder; after all, when you have millions in the bank, playing games that involve a little bit of risk can be thrilling.

50 Cent

Go shawty; it’s your birthday! And we gon’ party like it’s your birthday! And 50 Cent sure knows how to party.

Not only does he have his own brand of flavoured vodkas, but he knows how to have a good time.

50 Cent has two incredible big wins under his belt. Not one to shy away from splashing the cash, he placed a $1.6 million (Although some news outlets stated it was a $2 million) bet for Floyd Mayweather to win against Manny Pacquiao.

He also placed a big bet on the San Francisco 49ers beating the New York Giants.

He won both. Sportsbetting seems to be 50’s gamble of choice!

50cent enjoys playing casino games as well as sports betting.

50cent enjoys playing casino games as well as sports betting.

Shannon Elizabeth

Movies buffs will recognise Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie. She played Nadia, the stunning love interest of high-school boys.

Poker fans will know Shannon for her successful time at the poker tables.

Coming from Texas, Shannon has been playing poker since she was a teenager. Interestingly though, Texas Hold ‘Em wasn’t her game of choice. Only after playing with world-class player Antonio Esfandiari did Shannon warm to the game.

She finished WSOP Main Event 2005 just outside the money. After that, she starred in multiple poker-based movies too.

Poker is Shannons game of choice and one she plays like a pro.

Shannon Elizabeth is well-known for her love for a game of poker.

Shannon Elizabeth is well-known for her love for a game of poker.

Ben Affleck

The recent Batman was recently spotted at a casino in Las Vegas at 3 am! Showing that celebrities enjoy the atmosphere of a casino as much as the rest of us.

He took time out to play, as he was said to be filing at The Palazzo, combining work and play in the best way.

One of Ben’s most notable links with a casino is that he was banned because he kept winning. Putting it down to his incredible memory. Ben recalls all of the eliminated cards, and this helps give him an edge.

Ben’s lucky streak in blackjack won him a very tasty $800,000 at a blackjack table.

His love of blackjack and high win track record shows just how skilled he is - getting banned for winning? Incredible!

Ray Romano

Everybody Love’s Raymond and Raymond loves poker. Ray is also very good at poker, appearing in many live matches and WSOP more than once.

He competed in the WSOP 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015!

Ray is also well-known for his love of golf. Not one to shy away from a tournament, Ray is quoted as saying “Survive and Advance” after one of his games inside the Amazon Room at WSOP.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is friends with Shannon Elizabeth and is part of Shannon's reason to appreciate Texas Hold ‘Em.

Jennifer starred in multiple Chucky movies, Liar Liar, Stuart Little, Family Guy and more.

But what Jennifer loves to do is hit the poker tables - and she is a great player too.

Tilly won a bracelet at the WSOP Ladies No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em in 2005. A few short months later, she also won the third WPT Ladies Invitational at California’s Bicycle Casino.

Friends with some great poker players like Phil Laak, who once played poker for 115 hours straight.

Jennifer has won approx $1 million from her poker games and is showing no signs of stopping.

Micheal Jordan

Basketball, baseball, movies and a love of betting. Micheal Jordan puts his gambling down to his competitive nature and has stated previously that it’s not gambling - it’s competition.

Micheal doesn’t play on regular tables; he plays on the high-roller tables. Of course, when you start with a $500,000 stake or 100 blue chips, that is the right place for you.

The thing about how Micheal plays is that he doesn’t mind losing and will play until he is finished.

He has also been known to turn a game around, going from thousands of dollars deficit to finishing a game with $800,000 in front of him.

This means in a single game, he had lost $500,000, walked away with $800,000 - which is a $1.3 million reversal.

But it is not just poker for Micheal Jordan. He likes to bet on anything. Games like Rock Paper Scissors can be worth $100k, and even betting on his own suitcase coming on the conveyor belt first.

Since online gambling has skyrocketed in popularity, there might be some celebrities playing in complete anonymity!

Mobile and online gaming is the most convenient and accessible way to play and provides the most secure and private way to play.

It’s not hard to see why poker, slots, blackjack and more are so popular with celebrities. It’s a great way to relax and test your wits - and eventually win your way to the big leagues.