The World's First Floating Tent Is About To Pop Up Everywhere


The World's First Floating Tent Is About To Pop Up Everywhere

Dude I Want That

Are you stressing about work, family, and life in general? Don't you wish you could get away from it all? Well if cruising down a river in your own floating hut sounds like your kind of party then all-hands-on-deck for this cozy new device.

This is a floating tent.

Posted by Cheddar on Monday, October 16, 2017

It's called the Shoal Tent. Designed by American outdoors company Smithfly, this inflatable raft is the first of its kind and includes an all-around enclosure that protects its passengers from wind, rain, and probably crocodiles. The heavy-duty fabric and completely inflatable structure is meant for avid explorers to take their adventures off of dry land and onto the waves, wherever that may be.

Primarily meant for sleeping or slow-and-steady travel, the floor doubles as an air mattress with a high pressure floor so that you can go from lying on the hard forest ground to being gently lulled into slumber. Ever wanted a water mattress? This is the next level.

Measuring 8x8' and over 6' in height with a detachable roof, it's the perfect size for a a small family, couple, or solitary snooze under the stars.

So just where can you take this outdoor adventure vessel?

The good folks over at Smithfly have been fly fishing for basically all of their lives, and in 2010 decided to found a company that catered to a-fish-ionados who like to spend more than a few hours casting a line. Their line of products ranges from rods, lines, jackets, pouches, and boats meant for experts and made to last.

The Shoal Tent is the latest in their catalog and they're already receiving orders for the launch this December.

The website claims that you can "camp on your favorite farm pond, salt water flat, spring creek or eddy on your favorite river." So needless to say that where ever your family likes to make a splash you can finally know what it's like to sleep with the fishes (in a good way).

Have you ever wanted to sleep on a river raft? Let us know where you would take this in the comments!