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The World's Smallest Home Used To House A Family Of Eight

All you have to do is visit Europe to see how small they used to build houses. Staircases were narrower, beds were tinier, and windows were smaller. You're not going to believe the size of one of these houses.

Thimble Hall, as it's known today, is the smallest detached house in Britain and is impossibly tiny at 11f 10in tall x 10ft 3in at the base and 12 ft 2in tall. The house is located in Derbyshire and was sold for £39,500 in 1999, according to Mirror UK.


You'd think it would be a cozy dwelling for a single person or maybe a couple, but 100 years ago, it used to be home to a family of 8 people!


The wee little home doesn't even have a staircase - it has an old-fashioned ladder leading to the second level. Since there was no room to build them, there's no kitchen or bathroom either.


Although the home is owned by the Fredericks Family, no one currently lives there. You can visit if you're in the area, though. According to their website, Thimble Hall has been transformed into a museum for the world's largest thimble collection.

"[The] building is to be converted into a tiny gallery for high-quality local Derbyshire crafts," their website says. "It will be a display case for a collection of thimbles as well as housing regularly changing exhibitions of locally produced jewellery, silver, glass ware, and art (available to purchase)."

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