Their Pregnancy Announcement Captures The Joy And Pain Of IVF


Their Pregnancy Announcement Captures The Joy And Pain Of IVF

Every couple's journey to become parents is happy and difficult in its own ways, but Lauren and Garyt Walker from Houston, Texas definitely had it worse than most parents.

In an announcement on her Facebook page last week, Lauren revealed all of the obstacles they faced during their 953 day wait to become parents.

Lauren endured 2 rounds of IVF, 4 rounds of fertility treatments, 3 failed embryo transfers, a corrective surgery and more than 450 needles. To show the world everything she went through, she made this incredibly powerful picture.

In her post, Lauren explains that even taking this picture was overwhelming.

"Half way through my hands started to quiver," she writes. "My breath got short, and I had to stop. I sat down, looked at it and started to cry."

She says that over the years she waited to finally hear some good news, she found strength in her faith and her huband Garyt. Still, every setback made her doubt if she would ever have children.

" My faith was tested every. single. time. My heart told me to keep going. Not to give up or give in. Some days I look back and I can't believe I made it."

Her twins are due in August and the couple already have names picked out: Duke and Diana Walker.

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