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Theme Park Posts Job Listing For "Mermaids" - No Experience Required

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Tampa Bay Times

If you've always dreamed of working under the sea, your only option was to work on a submarine.

Until now, that is, because a theme park from Florida is looking to reel in some mermaids for one of their attractions.

Mermaids performing at Weeki Wachee.AP

The Weeki Wachee Springs State Park outside of Tampa will be holding auditions for professional mermaids this month. No experience is required, but a strong reference from any other mermaids would probably help.

Weeki Wachee bills itself as "the only city of live mermaids," and has been hosting shows featuring the underwater performers since 1947. The park's original owner, Newton Perry, trained Navy Frogmen in the Second World War, before opening his park and underwater theater.

An illustration of the park from the 1950s.Weeki Wachee

Today, the park has a team of 17 working mermaids and three "princes" on staff. It's a glamorous job, but not an easy one. The mermaid show is live twice a day, 365 days a year (the water is heated).

But before you can get your feet wet, prepare for a pretty grueling audition process.

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