Theo The Army Dog, Died Just Hours After His Best Friend Did, Both Are Now Being Honored

Theo and his handler Lance Corporal Liam Tasker were a familiar sight in Afghanistan. Using Theo's unbeatable nose the pair found a record 14 roadside bombs and weapon cache's left by the Taliban. In just a few months Theo and Tasker saved the lives of dozens of Coalition soldiers, but sadly it wasn't enough to save their own.

Courtesy DailyMail

In March 2011Tasker was shot dead by the Taliban, with in hours Theo had a fatal seizure and died. He was only 22-months old leaving little doubt that he died of a broken heart.

The bravery of both soldiers did not go unnoticed. Tasker received a Mention in Dispatches and Theo was awarded the Dickens Medal of Bravery. The highest honor for animals serving in a war zone.

Courtesy DailyMail

The medal was accepted on Theo's behalf by Tasker's friend Sgt Matt Jones and his search dog Grace, who have saved many lives themselves. Could there be a more fitting pair to stand in for the fallen Theo and Tasker?

Since 1943 the Dickens Medal of Bravery has been awarded to 32 Messenger Pigeons, 28 dogs, 3 horses and one cat.

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