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There Is Now A Poop-Themed Cafe And I Hate That I Actually Want To Eat There

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This bizarre Poop Cafe Dessert Bar is completely poop-themed, from the furniture to the food and everything in between.

Hungry customers can enjoy Thai, Japanese, and Korean desserts served up in a toilet, urinal, bath tub or old squat toilets while sitting on the toilet (chairs made from old toilets.)

Lien Nguyen, owner of the Poop Café Dessert Bar, said that she wanted to "make poop cute" and hopes "people will change their minds about poo" after visiting.

When going to the cafe, customers can experience exactly what they are expecting and so much more. There are toilet seats at every table, poop decor and poop facts on the walls of the restaurant.

There is also many poop themed novelties customers can buy such as toilet bowl dog water dishes, mugs, poop emojis, and gigantic fake poop.

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