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There's A New Board Game About Cats And It's Incredible

Get ready for the best board game to hit the shelves...EVER.

Cat-opoly is here and it's probably the best thing to ever happen to the board game industry.

The game, which is of course based off the timeless classic Monopoly, takes everyone's favorite family drama starting board game and adds a lot more cat fur.

This is the game description on Amazon.

  • For 2-6 players
  • This game has all the excitement of a traditional property trading game with some cat-astrophic twists
  • Cat-opoly is great fun for family and friends, the back of each deed contains fun facts about cats - a property trading game
  • Tokens pictured are milk bottle, mouse, sardines, cat food, fish, ball of yarn

Instead of a luxury tax, you get fleas. Instead of properties and railroads, you buy cat breeds. All the chance cards have cat facts on the back. A jail square? Nope. Your cat has to go sit in a square of water.

The game isn't officially licensed by Hasbro, but you can buy one here for less than $20!

Why not spice up your next game night with some Cat-opoly? No dogs allowed.

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