10 Animals You Didn't Know Were Actual Freaks

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10 Animals You Didn't Know Were Actual Freaks

If you watch The Nature Channel, then you know that the animal kingdom is full of strange and fascinating creatures.

It can be pretty amazing to see just how much we have in common with our furry and feathered friends.

Sometimes, we are just too much alike! From the way we organize our communities to the way we choose our mate and raise our children, there are plenty of similarities across species.

One thing you might not know, is that wild and domestic animals masturbate too. Take look through the list, you might be surprised by what you find!

1. Primates

All photos by Pixabay

It's not that surprising, really. Our closest relative in the animal kingdom is just as interested in self-love as humans. They actually build their own sex toys.

2. Ferrets

If they cant' find a mate, or find something to, uh, ease the tension with, female ferrets will pine and cry until a gentleman caller appears.

3. Dogs

Don't act surprised, we've all seen the family dog go after that some unfortunate person's leg like it's a lady beast.

4.  Male Horses

Their need for some sweet release can happen up to 18 times a day. Seriously, wouldn't that get exhausting?

5. Adelie Penguines

Sure, they're cute, but these flightless birds are freaks. The first scientist to observe their naughty ways was so horrified, he wrote his notes in Ancient Greek so no one would understand them.

If they're not mating, their outrageous, randy behavior involves necrophilia and child abuse. Scientists believe that virgins are the ones committing this beastly behavior to get in some practice before mating season.

6. House Cat


It's more common in unneutered males, but if you notice your cat is particularly aggressive and showing dominating behavior, you should probably keep your hands to yourself.

Randy males have been known to attack their owner's hands and arms with their claws while humping them. Best way to avoid this unfortunate experience? Neuter your cat and give him lots of toys to play with.

8. Squirrels

You know that clown sound squirrels make? Yah, that's not chatter. That's the sound that comes after a squirrel's 'O-face.'

9. Moose

Even more impressive than male Horses, male moose in Canada can bring themselves to their happy place up to 50 times a day. They do this by rubbing their antlers no trees. No wonder they're always aimlessly walking into traffic.

10. Dolphins

Like the Penguins above, Dolphins are necrophiliacs. When they're not around any female dolphins, males take care of business themselves by using live eels and dead, headless fish.


Moral of the story? Sometimes the urge to mate overcomes us all. It's just our natural, genetic drive that ensures we will reproduce and further the survival of our species. But, sometimes, it works a little too well.

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