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These Are The Real American Heroes Saving Hurricane Harvey Survivors In Texas

The Associated Press

Rescue efforts are fully underway in Texas after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the state this past weekend.

Swaths of the Lone Star State are underwater and the rain is expected to keep falling for several more days.

In what is being called an unprecedented flood, the state is anticipating a total of 50 inches of rain in a matter of days.

There have been more than 2,000 rescues in the Houston area and at least 5 deaths have been blamed on the storm. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Guard have been deployed to assist in the rescue mission.

ABC News reports that 3,000 national and state guard service members, 500 vehicles and aircraft have been deployed.

Residents with boats joined the effort, many spent long hours carrying families to safety.

Grassroots volunteers who called themselves the "Cajun Navy," mobilized to help out thousands of stranded Texans. They know what they're doing too - in 2016, they banded together to rescue people during the Louisiana Flood.

The devastation could take years to recover from, but for now, the only focus is on rescuing those who are trapped by the rising waters. But who are the unsung heroes of this effort?

Military personnel, police, firemen, rescue workers and volunteers stepped up to the task this week and eyewitnesses captured every inspiring moment.

Many rescue workers toiled for long hours to save lives, often exhausting themselves as resources and manpower were stretched to their limits.

An exhausted deputy worked throughout the night to rescue victims of hurricane Harvey. Other officers were spotted herding cattle to higher ground outside of Houston.

One local hero was filmed by CNN as he rescued an elderly man from his flooded home.

Rescuers load families onto trucks and bring them to safety as the waters rise.

One good Samaritan spotted a toddler walking in the floodwaters outside. He managed to get her back to the family home.

The local 8th Wonder Brewery team used their truck to rescue stranded residents from their flooded homes.

Neighbors used their personal boats to rescue their fellow neighbors.

The local KHOU 11 News crew rescued a trapped truck driver during a broadcast. Luckily, the news reporter, Brandi Smith, managed to flag down a passing Sheriff's truck towing an air boat.

This teenager, 15-year-old Declan, and his friends took their boat out to assist families in Meyerland, Texas..

Local news stations reported on the tireless efforts by the Gonzales family, who rescued their 9th family of the day in Houston, Texas.

As the rain continues to fall, there are sure to be more stories of local American heroes helping their neighbors in need. It is now estimated that 30,000 people will need shelter after flooding in Texas.

As the waters continue to rise, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has activated the entire state National Guard. Between 4,000 and 12,000 guardsman will be deployed to assist in the ongoing search and rescue effort.

“It is imperative that we do everything possible to protect the lives and safety of people across the state of Texas as we continue to face the aftermath of this storm,” Abbott said.

Prayers for Texas.

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