These Baby Diapers Are Such a Cute Gift for a Shower!

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These Baby Diapers Are Such a Cute Gift for a Shower!

Do you know someone who is expecting a little bundle of joy in the near future? Why not make them these adorable baby diapers as a cute little shower gift! Not only is the mama-to-be getting a gift of diapers, but it also includes baby washcloths and baby socks - all things that will be much needed.


  • diapers
  • infant washcloths
  • infant socks
  • googly eyes
  • adhesive stickers
  • rubberbands


1. Take your diaper and begin to roll it up starting at the top of the diaper.

2. Once it has been rolled up, take a rubberband to secure it. Set aside.

3. Lay out your infant washcloth and place the rolled diaper in the middle at the top.

4. Swaddle the diaper, and secure it by tieing the ends together at the back.

5. Next, take one of the infant socks, and roll it up to create a baby hat.

6. Stick it on top of the rolled diaper, and then using your fingers adjust the washcloth to create a space to put the googly eyes.

7. Add on your googly eyes using your adhesive and then place in a cute basket to go!