These Cats Have A Very Special Way Of Asking For Treats (Video)

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These Cats Have A Very Special Way Of Asking For Treats (Video)

Contrary to popular belief, cats could actually be trained and they can easily put Pavlov's dogs to shame. If you're skeptical then you definitely need to watch the video that's been making the rounds online.

A Japanese Twitter user shared a clip of a pair of cats who got treats every time they perform a certain action. Although it appears as though the felines have been trained to engage in this behaviour, some people are convinced that it is actually the cats that are in control. But, are we really surprised? I mean, we were already aware that cats are on the verge of world domination

The fascinating video comes at the heel of a new study which revealed that cats actually enjoy human company more than food, toys and treats. So perhaps these genius cats were demanding treats as an excuse to get some attention and spend more time with their human.

Twitter users couldn't get enough of the adorable video and they were quick to share their thoughts in the video's replies.

One user could barely put her feelings into a complete sentence.

Even the deputy leader of the UK Labour Party, Tom Watson, weighed in on the video

So if you're having a hard time figuring out what a cat wants, ditch the catnip and give it bell along with some training so it can call on you at its convenience.

Watch how it works:

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