These Dawson's Creek Facts Will Take You Back to Capeside


These Dawson's Creek Facts Will Take You Back to Capeside

1. Katie Holmes sent in an audition tape, with her mom acting as Dawson.

Originally they wanted to cast Selma Blair as Joey, but decided to audition other actresses including Katie. Katie, who was just a high school student at the time, and refused to fly out to LA for the audition because she had a commitment to play Lola in her school production of Damn Yankees. So in their sewing room, with her mom acting as Dawson, they filmed her audition tape and she was cast. I wonder where that audition tape is now.

2. Joshua Jackson originally auditioned for the role of Dawson.

Can you imagine Josh as Dawson, instead of the fun-loving, witty, Pacey? I can't either. Joshua actually read for both parts, before claiming the role of Pacey, beating future American Pie star Jason Biggs.

3. James Van Der Beek Almost Wasn't Cast.

If it wasn't for show creator Kevin Williamson, James Van Der Beek would not have been cast as Dawson Leery. After watching the auditions, the head of Sony didn't believe James had star quality. Two days before filming was supposed to start, James was cast.

4. Dawson's Haircut was inspired by Brad Pitt's Hairstyle in The Devil's Own.

Look familiar?

5. The episode "True Love" had the first male gay kiss on U.S. Primetime TV.

In the third season finale, which aired on May 24, 2000, Jake kisses his boyfriend Ethan for the first-time on screen.

6. Dawson's Crying Face.

Everyone remembers that scene on the pier where Dawson cried in the first season finale, mostly because James' crying face has become an epic meme for you to find all over the internet. The tears weren't even scripted, he confesses, "I remember being completely surprised by it because it was completely sincere. The fact that it's being used to mock me now, I think it's so funny," he told HuffPost TV via phone.

7. Michelle Williams didn't want Jen to die.

Michelle didn't want to miss out on future reunion opportunities with the cast. She definitely did the character justice, because we all remember emptying the Kleenex box when we watched her last message to her daughter.