These DJ Cats Know How To Get A Party Started (Video)

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These DJ Cats Know How To Get A Party Started (Video)

Step aside Skrillex, there are some new turntable kings in town and they're serving us some funky fresh tunes.

Japanese disc jockey, DJ Futoshi, recently shared a couple of Twitter videos of his two cats who prove that cute little paws are meant for more than just the scratch post.

Whoever said cats are useless clearly hadn't come across these kitties and their uncanny abilities to raise the roof with their musical talent.

The adorable felines are shown mixing it up on the turntable and using their unmatched scratching skills to create some groovy beats. There is no news yet on when these cool cats will be making their debut or if they'll be joining their owner on tour but it wouldn't be a surprise if they dominate the charts.

For now you'll have to settle for these snippets and keep an ear out next time you're at the club, you never know what they'll play.

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[Source: Nerdist]

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