These Drug-Addicts Are Destroying Farmers Crops At An Alarming Rate

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These Drug-Addicts Are Destroying Farmers Crops At An Alarming Rate

When you live on a farm, you are bound to run into a few pests who might jeopardize your crops, but this one has really taken its addiction to a new level.

Poppy farmers have been plagued by some intrusive flying pests that are addicted to their morphine-rich plants but they have no idea how to stop it.

The problem is, the workers have to slit open the poppy pods so they can ripen but once they do the opiate is exposed and parrots are swooping down quietly and nibble off the stalks below the pods and snatch them away.

They retreat up to the high branches in the trees where they eat the pods and then sleep for hours, sometimes they eat so many that they end up falling to the ground and dying.

Sobharam Rathod, an opium farmer in India says that parrots have caused a 10% reduction in his crops which has caused the government to issue him a warning. Farmers are supposed to adhere to a per-agreed upon quantity to produce morphine for the state.

He said that "Usually, the parrots would make sound when in a group. But these birds have become so smart that they don't make any noise when they swoop on the fields."

"The moment you lower your guard the army of parrots silently swoop onto your field and take away the bulbs," Rathod explained.

The number of parrots has been increasingly steadily since 2015 and they seem to have no way to stop them. The farmers have tried firecrackers, tin drums and throwing stones but so far nothing has been working.

It's crazy to think of these animals as drug-addicts but that's exactly what's happening! Poor birds just think they have found a yummy treat but it's obviously not very good for them!