These Guys Are Music's Best Kept Secret, But That's About To Change


These Guys Are Music's Best Kept Secret, But That's About To Change


The violin has always been associated with classical music. It has been seen to be played by those privileged enough to be able to afford lessons on the difficult to play instrument. In recent years we have seen the scope of the instrument change, partly in thanks to groups like Black Violin, who use the instrument in ways that have never been seen before. They add a touch of hip-hop and soul to the playing the violin, giving the instrument a complete makeover.


When I was in grade school and high school, just saying that you play the violin would have made you the target of bullies and people who didn't understand the power of music. Black Violin has changed all that, even making me wish that I had taken the time to learn how to make the strings sing.

There are other stereotypes surrounding those that play the violin, usually white, upper-middle class people whose parents forced the instrument onto them as children. Black Violin addresses the danger of stereotypes in their own original composition entitled, "Stereotypes". It is a beautifully haunting piece of music.

If these guys don't change your perception on the image of a "classical" musician I have no idea what will. People everywhere are taking notice as these guys pave their way through music history.

Others are also starting to see how a violin can add a depth of power to any type of music. Josh Vietti is another accomplished "hip-hop" violinist, check out his version of 50 Cent's, In Da Club.

Eric Stanley also bucked the trend and picked up the violin. He went from being bullied by other kids to inspiring them with incredible music.

Eric Stanley - Voltaire (SHARE)

Eric Stanley Life Tour 2017 🎻 8/12: Memphis, TN ▶ 8/16: Orlando, FL ▶ 9/16: New Haven, CT ▶ Website: When I was a freshman in high school, my mom sent me to a string music camp in Bethesda, Maryland. The kids were much better than I was. I remember a group of kids telling me I would never be good and that black people can't play violin. They laughed at me. I never did tell my mom what those kids said to me. I just told her that I didn't like the camp. This experience changed my life because now I can inspire others to be great. I'm here to tell you that there will be people who don't want you to be great. No matter what age you are, DON'T Believe them! I Love my mom for always believing in me even when I didn't believe in my self. Share this with someone who needs to read it. God bless Eric Stanley - Voltaire (Original Song) Video shot by: Olise Forel of Moving Silence Website: iTunes: Amazon: YouTube:

Posted by Eric Stanley on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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