These New Starbucks Matcha Cups Are Simply Adorable

Get ready to squeal with delight when you see what Starbucks has come up with next!

These tiny, green containers look just like little lattes from the coffee shop, but instead of being filled with your favorite frothy drink, they have a cool creamy dessert that will make your taste-buds jump for joy.

This delightful shade of tea green will brighten even the most rainy spring day.

The pudding cups are sold in Starbucks stores for just $2.90 each.

Unfortunately for us, they are still only available in Starbucks stores in Japan. This goes hand-in-hand with their newest Frappaccino flavor of American Cherry Pie, which you guessed it, is also only available in Japan right now.

Starbucks sells other pudding and custard flavors at their Asian locations, including chocolate and milk custard also coming in tiny cups.

Hopefully they bring this great line of products to the other side of the Pacific Ocean! Do you want to try it?